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Sequencer (32)


MonoMGFilters - 8 step sequencer filters (freeware)

MonoMGFilters - 8 step sequencer filters

Mono filters free filters from the Monochord synth (instereo).

Just place relevant .dll or component file in your plug in folder done.

Windows 7-10 64bit

For first time now available as a MacOSX AU for use in Logic!

Developer: maeaudio.com

DOWNLOAD  4.34 mb Win (64bit)       DOWNLOAD 8.90 mb Mac (64bit) AU


Free! V.B. Sequencer v1.0.6542.19706 (freeware)

Free! V.B. Sequencer, is free and very simple and intuitive musical sequencer suitable for who is approaching to the world of the computer music.

Whe have up to 100 patterns grid with 8 tracks each composed of 16 steps, like Fruity Loops.
We also have 16 channels where we can load the sounds (maximum 16 sounds per song).
There is also a mixer, some effects, an equalizer and a virtual coil recorder to make the master.
The song is built writting the various numbers of patterns in the black window "song".

One of the following operating systems - Windows 32 or 64 bits

Developer: L. Brain Creations

DOWNLOAD  20.92 mb Win


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