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Archives of the best free audio tools (Sequencer) for sound editing or manipulation for download. You don't have to register for download. The most of VST plugins and audio software in our archives are provided with a link to VST plugin developer so that you can donate to the author if you wish.

Sequencer (32)


Music Studio Producer v.1.22 (freeware)

Music Studio Producer is free MIDI sequencer, DAW which can host VST(i), supports ASIO. Music Studio Producer has a great number of functions for every music scene, such as composition, arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering. MIDI sequencer: You can create music with various ways such as real-time recording, step recording and editing with just using a mouse! You can edit music just as you want by using four kinds of windows ; Track, Piano Roll, Score Roll, Event List and Mixer.

DOWNLOAD  10.30 mb


Step Machine v.0.901 Beta (freeware)

Step Machine is midi loop sequencer, in the style of a classic analog step sequencer.To use it your host must support midi output from vst plugins.As the host plays, you will see the sequencer run through its loop. Pitch, octave, gate, slide and velocity can all be controlled for each step. Along with this there are two assignable midi CC sequencers.You will also find a complex randomise function and a force-to-scale function (which can be transposed via incoming midi).

DOWNLOAD  1.23 mb


CYTHAR v. (free, open source)

A pattern-oriented, polyphonic MIDI step-sequencer, which makes its own path. 16 parallel patterns with six tracks and 16 bars – equating to 256 bars & 96 tracks. The six pattern tracks imitate the strings of a guitar and will be tuned e.g. to “EAdgbe”. With some clicks you can set a guitar chord to the pattern tune – then by enabling a few events or triggers the sequencer will start a solo or plays with the chords. More offset-, mute functions and a tricky song mode will pep-up your set. With CYTHAR you can program drum sets, melodies, arpeggios and complete songs. If this is not enough try out Rebeca!

With the simple accessibility of all settings the user interface is designed for life and jam performances. The drag and drop features make CYTHAR to a powerful and fast editor. In future we want to release a specialized touchscreen version.

For now every CYTHAR Sequencer is still in development and only available as a beta version. In the download area you will find some downloads for Linux, Windows and Mac versions for different CPU architectures and different system distribution or drivers.

The file includes Windows and Mac versions.

Developer: cythar.monoplugs.com


DOWNLOAD  34.21 mb


orDrumbox 1 v.0.8.05 (freeware)

orDrumbox is a software drum machine on a desktop application. A fully-featured drum machine and audio sequencer designed to a creative pattern-based way of drum programming. You can compose music and beats with this new generation of sound tracker.

Download drum kits to play with the orDrumbox 3.6mb


Developer: ordrumbox.com

DOWNLOAD  4.63 mb


Sequitur v.1.10 beta (freeware)

Full featured audio/midi sequencer with VST support and a powerful MIDI editing environment. It also offers simple audio recording and sophisticated event routing and manipulation

DOWNLOAD  1.70 mb

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