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Telephone Voice Dialled Up (freeware)

Telephone is a simple yet highly realistic telephone audio simulator.  This plug-in uses very steep, 6 pole high-pass and low-pass filters to create the telephone audio bandwidth of 350Hz - 3KHz.  A granulizer reduces the resolution to 8 bits just like the phone company!Works with both mono and stereo signals.

TRY IT! Download Telephone for FREE here.   This plug is fully functional and has no timeout or other restrictions.  Download the file Telephone.dll and save it to your VST plug-ins folder.  For proper operation this plug-in must be used as an INSERT on channel, group or master outputs (the processor will produce no output when used as a SEND effect).




Tu2 v.2.5

Tu2 is a standalone phrase sampler which means it will make music and sound out of samples you feed it. Tu2 will stack samples, loops and soundbites for you. You can slice 'n dice them, mutilate them, filter them, remix them, put effects over them and while you're at it you have the freedom to put your own personal sonic sauce over the outcome. Tu2 is the perfect companion for Tunafish if you like to create your own loops, samples and phrazes. It has numerous built-in effects and tools which will help you mangle your samples any way you like.

DOWNLOAD  2.37 mb


Beatport SYNC (freeware)

Based on the award-winning TRAKTOR 3 technology, this free software for Mac and PC lets you mix tracks like a DJ using the two virtual decks, a crossfader and auto beat sync function. Beatport SYNC offers powerful track management, access to DJ radio stations, plus an integrated Browser to instantly buy and download the latest tracks from the comprehensive Beatport Online Music Store.

Beatport SYNC features

- Two playback decks with automatic crossfader.
- Automatic tempo detection and automatic track sync.
- Pitch faders for both decks and high-quality time stretching.
- Powerful track browser inherited from Traktor.
- Easy to use advanced meta data editing functionality.
- Direct access to selected high quality dance music radio stations.
- Archive or backup playlists and folders on external hard drives and CDs.
- Integrated access to Beatport.com.
- Super slim mini-view.
- Professional audio-quality based on the high-end TRAKTOR 3 audio engine.
- Direct access to files on external devices (e.g. iPod™, USB drive, etc.)
- CD import (converted to Wav) including automatic import of artist name, album, titles, etc.

DOWNLOAD  28.50 mb


Babya Logic v.1.0 (freeware)

Babya Logic is an innovative and powerful suite of pro-quality audio production software, which includes Babya Logic, an 8-track MIDI sequencer that enables users to create and score their own music using a variety of pro-quality applications. Also includes Babya Jam Pack: studio tools, Babya MicroKit, and UltraSynth. Other features include: Babya ESE (Funk and techno sounds of the 1980's can be recreated with Babya ESE-a beep based synthesizer with a custom music generator application included.), and Babya UltraSynth (generate quirky and intriguing sounds with this DirectX based synth). Guitar Amp Pro is also included--use it to create & tune sweet custom guitar chords from arena to funk, live or in studio and control MIDI instruments.

DOWNLOAD  4.00 mb


Guitar Alchemist Free v.1.21 (freeware)

A basic program aimed at helping guitarists expand their repertoire of chords and scales, this download suffers from interface inconveniences that undermine its overall appeal.

Guitar Alchemist offers undeniably useful information, with chord charts and fingerings matched with scales and modes. However, lists of chords and the chord tablature itself are displayed in resolution poor enough to make them look like a bad printout. A "detailed" button simply provides a message saying the feature is disabled in the free version.

We were initially a bit confused by the way scales are presented on the fret board, although practice with the program likely would ease this concern. On the whole, Guitar Alchemist Free could be a useful aid to guitar students, though many users may want to look for something with a more appealing interface.

DOWNLOAD  6.80 mb


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