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Archives of the best free audio tools for sound editing or manipulation for download. You don't have to register for download. The most of VST plugins and audio software in our archives are provided with a link to VST plugin developer so that you can donate to the author if you wish.

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EZplayer Free v.1.0 (freeware)

EZplayer Free is a MIDI bridge, organizer and wrapper between different drum sampler formats. It is the first step towards EZplayer, which will be unveiled and released later this year and will boast much extended functionality for performers as well as composers. EZplayer will be available through all Toontrack Music distributors. Exact release dates and pricing are as yet

EZplayer Free:

- Showcases the EZ MIDI handling as used in EZdrummer.
- Organizes and converts MIDI files to the mapping of all the major acoustic drum samplers available on the market.
- Ensures current and future dfh Superior users can access MIDI content and functionality.
- Gives users the capability to add their own MIDI into the EZplayer browser.
- Is compatible with the MIDI libraries shipping with EZdrummer's EZXs expansion packs.
- Supports drag and drop capabilities into all major hosts.
- Gives the user the ability to import and use MIDI in EZplayer Free from any of the drum sampler formats supported by the software.
- Contains a number of free MIDI files.

DOWNLOAD  4.17 mb


TT Dynamic Range Meter v1.4a (freeware)

In January 2009, The Pleasurize Music Foundation launched a wide-ranging initiative for ending the "Loudness War" being waged by successive music releases. This initiative aims to introduce a dynamic standard through several phases.

TT Dynamic Range Meter makes it possible to provide releases with a whole-number dynamic value to be printed on the recording medium as a logo, giving consumers an immediate means of knowing the dynamic quality of a recording.

An online database is planned for furnishing information on music already released with the standard. In this way, conditions have been met for the creation of a single standard for audio recorded media – a step which was taken by the film industry over thirty years ago. Music with small dynamic range has a low value, for example DR4 (Dynamic Range = 4dB). Music with a large dynamic range has a higher DR value, for example DR14 or more. In this case, music can breathe and loud events are actually louder.

Founder and conceptual father Friedemann Tischmeyer on the functions and aims of the Foundation:

"We believe that music – as an artistic means of expression – should transmit emotions. Nowadays, this is possible only to a limited degree because dynamics — a fundamental part of expressivity — are often missing. On a subconscious level, emotions are expressed by musicians emphasized with a feeling of urgency or insistence. Modern mainstream music sounds like a flatly pressed board being rammed through loudspeakers and uses the greatest possible amount of intrusiveness just as advertising does – as a means of constantly trying to get the listener's attention. In this way, a fundamental aspect of music is lost. Countless consumers who are old enough to remember more dynamic music are not even aware of what is wrong with releases nowadays. The experience of buying music has become frustrating. Who wants to spend money for music that just beats your ears? This process of over-compressing music has been occurring in such a gradual, insidious way that many industry professionals are unable to draw clear boundaries between music that is over-compressed and music that is not. One thing is for sure: when we turn music off because it is getting on our nerves, then it is probably because of a lack of dynamics. Unfortunately, strongly compressed music is also an unpleasant way of generating aggression. We who create music have a certain responsibility with regards to the rest of society."

Visit: Pleasurize Music Foundation

DOWNLOAD  4.27 mb


Sonic Visualiser v.2.4 (freeware)

Sonic Visualiser is an application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files. The aim of Sonic Visualiser is to be the first program you reach for when want to study a musical recording rather than simply listen to it.

As well as a number of features designed to make exploring audio data as revealing as possible, Sonic Visualiser also has powerful annotation capabilities to help describe what you find, and the ability to run automated annotation and analysis plugins.

Features include sophisticated spectrogram views; multi-resolution waveform and data displays; manual annotation of time points and curves; measurement capabilities from spectrogram and spectrum; playback at any speed; looping and playback of discontiguous selections; ability to apply standard audio effects and compare the results with their inputs; and support for onset detection, beat tracking, structural segmentation, key estimation and many other automated feature extraction algorithms via Vamp audio analysis plugins.

Sonic Visualiser contains features for the following:

- Load audio files in WAV, Ogg and MP3 formats, and view their waveforms.
- Look at audio visualisations such as spectrogram views, with interactive adjustment of display parameters.
- Annotate audio data by adding labelled time points and defining segments, point values and curves.
- Overlay annotations on top of one another with aligned scales, and overlay annotations on top of waveform or spectrogram views.
- View the same data at multiple time resolutions simultaneously (for close-up and overview).
- Run feature-extraction plugins to calculate annotations automatically, using algorithms such as beat trackers, pitch detectors and so on.
- Import annotation layers from various text file formats.
- Import note data from MIDI files, view it alongside other frequency scales, and play it with the original audio.
- Play back the audio plus synthesised annotations, taking care to synchronise playback with display.
- Select areas of interest, optionally snapping to nearby feature locations, and audition individual and comparative selections in seamless loops.
- Time-stretch playback, slowing right down or speeding up to a tiny fraction or huge multiple of the original speed while retaining a synchronised display.
- Export audio regions and annotation layers to external files.

"Sonic Visualiser cannot support VST plugins directly because Steinberg's VST license is incompatible with Sonic Visualiser's GPL license. Windows and OS/X users can get limited support using the Audacity VST Enabler, and Linux users can try dssi-vst."

For Mac version visit developer site.

Visit: Sonic Visualiser

DOWNLOAD  24.38 mb


MultiInspectorFree v.1.2.0 (freeware)

MultiInspectorFree is a 31 band spectral analyzer designed to be used in a multitrack environment and provides an easy way for simultaneous spectral analysis of several audio signals.

The first instance of MultiInspectorFree behaves like a standard 31 band spectral analyzer. Additional instances automatically send their spectral analysis result to all other instances of MultiInspectorFree. Every editor window of MultiInspectorFree shows the same content. Therefore, after opening all necessary plug-in instances it is sufficient to leave just one editor window open. The width and the color of the level bars are adjusted according to the current number of instances. MultiInspectorFree incorporates a standard third octave frequency analyzer. The centre frequencies of the bands are based on the ISO 266:1997 standard (20 Hz to 20 kHz). Pink noise will appear flat in the frequency spectrum.

MultiInspectorFree supports up to 4 instances at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz.

DOWNLOAD  540 mb


GNU Solfege v.3.16.0 (free, GNU)

Solfege is free music education software.

Use it to train your rhythm, interval, scale and chord skills. Solfege - Smarten your ears!


- Recognise melodic and harmonic intervals
- Compare interval sizes
- Sing the intervals the computer asks for
- Identify chords
- Sing chords
- Scales
- Dictation
- Remembering rhythmic patterns

Developer: solfege.org

DOWNLOAD  16.58 mb

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