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News - March 2014


March 2014


Ugo Audio - All plugins and presets now free                    31st March 2014

Ugo Audio : My new site is finally live and it is now an artist site representing my music, sound design, and photography - rather than being focused primarily on my plugins, like my last few sites were. As part of this change, all my plugins and presets are now freeware.

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Free guitar patches for Propellerhead Reason                  31st March 2014

Free guitar patches for Propellerhead Reason released by Audiotechracy.

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Drum loops for free from Producer Spot                         29th March 2014

Jon Howells from J3T Drum Tracks created exclusively for ProducerSpot.com readers and fans a special free Multi-Track Drum Loops.

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SuperSonico, free standalone synthesizer, updated to v3.0   29th March 2014

Solcito Musica has released v3.0 of the virtual analog synthesizer SuperSonico for Windows.

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Free Stereo Buss Compressor released by Minimal System  29th March 2014

Minimal System has announced the release of Stereo Buss Compressor, a free VST effect plug-in for Windows. This plugin is perfect for those producers looking to add the finishing touches to their latest masterpiece.

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Audio Desk releases free VST bass synthesizer MB3X       28th March 2014

Audio desk has released MB3X, free VST bass synthesizer for Windows.

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Giada Loop Machine updated to v0.8.4                     28th March 2014

Giada Loop Machine v0.8.4, codename Gevurah is finally ready. Giada is a free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians.

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vstPlayer 2 free Edition released by Mirax Labs                  27th March 2014

vstPlayer is a multi-format audio file player in the form of a VSTi plugin. vstPlayer Free Edition only supports wav format, disables the "save playlist" function and the "add directory" function.

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LinPlug releases Free Alpha v3.3 first public beta for MAC and PC                  27th March 2014

LinPlug has released "Free Alpha v3.3 first public beta", free  VST synthesizer for Mac and PC.

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Odo releases Dream 64 v3.0 freeware VST synth with manual 27th March 2014

Odo has updated Dream 64, freeware synth plugin for Windows to v3.0. Please read the manual to understand how the plug works.

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Free delay plugin releases by The Interruptor                       26th March 2014

The Interruptor has announced the release of Bionic Supa Delay, new freeware delay effect plugin.

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SYNTLER free - VSTi Groove, fx and arpeggio synth. v001   24th March 2014

SYNTLER free - VSTi Groove, fx and arpeggio synth. v001.

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Samsara Cycle Audio releases Gutbucket free Washtub Bass VSTi                      23rd March 2014

Samsara Cycle Audio has released Gutbucket, free Washtub Bass VSTi for Windows.

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sonicXTC releases Hi-NRG Zone Retro LE                      23rd March 2014

SonicXTC has announced the release of Hi-NRG Zone Retro LE, new freeware 3 oscillator synthesizer.

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Samsara Cycle Audio releases "Kettle Drum - timpani" free drum vsti                  22nd March 2014

Samsara Cycle Audio has released "Kettle Drum - timpani", free drum vst instrument for Windows.

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Free Funktion One impulse responses released by Balance Mastering              22nd March 2014

Balance Mastering has released free collection of Funktion One impulse responses, recorded at the The Hive Project in London.

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Bruno Grandjean updates Jinz to v1.4                             22nd March 2014

Jniz v1.4 is a free software designed for musicians as a support tool to the musical composition. Linz is available for OS X, Linux and Windows.

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Groove Analogizer - Free VST effect (drum synthesizer)       21st March 2014

Previously sold for $29 (and now free) Groove Analogizer is an "audio controlled drum synthesizer", it means that like a vintage electronic drum tone generator (e.g. Simmons) the percussion sound is triggered by an audio input, not by a MIDI message.

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SoftAmp FM25 - Free guitar Amp simulator released by AXP   20th March 2014

AXP has released SoftAmp FM25 (64 bit) v1.0, free guitar Amp simulator for Windows (VST).

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Denemo updated to v1.1.2                                             20th March 2014

Denemo is a free software (GPL) music notation editor for GNU/Linux, Mac OSX and MS Windows that lets you rapidly enter notation which it displays beautifully typeset by the LilyPond music engraver.

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Atom Hub releases Cryptar free sound libraries for Kontakt 5  19th March 2014

Atom Hub has announced the release of Cryptar, a free sample library for NI Kontakt.

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JC Productionz updates ProjectX1 free bass synth to v2.0     19th March 2014

JC Productionz has updated ProjectX1 free bass synth to v2.0. ProjectX1 is a hybrid bass synth utilizing subtractive, fm, phase distortion and unison synthesis.

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Roazhon DSP updates BrainStormer to v0.87                        18th March 2014

Roazhon DSP has updated BrainStormer, the free VA Synth VSTi for Windows, to v0.87.

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DSK Music releases DSK DrumZ 8bitZ                              17th March 2014

DSK Music has announced DSK DrumZ 8bitZ, a free drum instrument plugin for Windows.

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RAZ Audio releases N6 Paragraphic EQ                              17th March 2014

RAZ Audio has announced the release of N6 Paragraphic Equalizer, a free VST effect plug-in for Windows.

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Aegean Music updates Pitchproof pitch shifter to v1.1       17th March 2014

Aegean Music has released version 1.1 of Pitchproof, an audio plug-in that can shift the pitch of the input. Pitchproof for Windows (VST) is available to download as freeware.

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tornsub releases Behemoth 2 free vst synthesizer                17th March 2014

Behemoth 2 is monster baseline synthesizer and the successor of Behemoth. Each Behemoth's preset bank contains 24 presets. you may save your edited preset "on place" by clicking "save preset" or save it to a file using the menu. you also may save complete banks in to files using Behemoth's self format or any other daw format

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Xenobioz updates Kruudster to v1.3                       16th March 2014

Xenobioz has updated Kruudster, a free Hybrid Synthesizer VST instrument plug-in, to version 1.3. Kruudster is a free Hybrid Synthesizer VST instrument plug-in for Windows with drawable low resolution waveforms.

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Massive Evolutions Free for Kontakt & Massive               16th March 2014

YummyBeats has released Massive Evolutions II - Free for Kontakt, which was especially designed for Electronic Music like Dubstep, Complextro, Neuro Funk, House, Electro or modern Cinematic Productions (Movies, TV Commercials, Game Music).

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RunBeerRun releases Spirit of Keyte                        16th March 2014

RunBeerRun has announced the release of Spirit of Keyte, a free vocal effect in VST format for Windows.

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Free Kontakt Clarinet released by Hephaestus Sounds    16th March 2014

Hephaestus Sounds has announced the release of The Clarinet, a free sample library for NI Kontakt.

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Puremagnetik releases two free Ableton Live Packs             15th March 2014

Puremagnetik has released two free Ableton Live Packs inspired by the experimental, avant-garde composer John Cage.

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Free vocal samples released by Aiva                              13th March 2014

Aiva has released "Aiva Vocal Pack", a free sample pack containing vocals: melodies, phrases, harmonies and atmospheres in high quality WAV format.

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SonicXTC releases Acid Zone Retro free bassline synth    12th March 2014

SonicXTC has announced the release of Acid Zone Retro, a free bassline  synthesizer in VST format for Windows.

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Nootka updated to v1.0.0                                                12th March 2014

This application is designed to help you understand classical score notation, it will help you improve your score reading, playing and singing skills. The main target user for Nootka are guitarists but it can be used by any musician for ear training as well. Nootka is free (open source).

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Zynewave updates Podium Free to v3.2.1                     12th March 2014

Zynewave has updated Podium Free to v3.2.1. Podium is a modern digital audio workstation (DAW) for Windows. It supports recording and editing of audio and MIDI, and hosts VST instrument and effect plugins. Podium Free is a freeware edition of Podium.

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Audio-Assault releases GrindMachine Free                         12th March 2014

Audio-Assault has released GrindMachine Free. GrindMachine, The most agressive guitar amplifier to date! GrindMachine free includes the Animal amp and 3 cabinets. Cabinet cannot be disabled in the free version.

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Kontakt 5 - Free Piano Collection                                11th March 2014

Bigcat Instruments has introduced the Piano Collection, a collection of free piano instrument libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

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Xenakios updates HourGlass for Windows to v1.4.5             11th March 2014

Xenakios has updated the Windows version of HourGlass, a standalone application intended for radical sound processing, to v1.4.5.

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Jniz updated to v1.3.6 - Free software designed for musicians 10th March 2014

Jniz is a free software designed for musicians as a support tool to the musical composition.  It allows you to build and to harmonize several voices according to the rules of classical harmony.

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NHF Sample Pack: Vol 01 - Free sample pack by the Neurohop forum community                    10th March 2014

The Neurohop Forum has launched NHF Sample Pack: Vol 01, a free sample pack by the Neurohop forum community.

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Arty FX (Linux) updated to v1.1                                            10th March 2014

ArtyFX is a collection of LV2 effect plug-ins for sound design.  3 new plugins - distortion, feedback delay, and 4-band eq. Arty FX is free (open source).

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Diodow Digital Modeling Synthesizer released by HrastProgrammer                  09th March 2014

HrastProgrammer has released Diodow, a freeware virtual analogue synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows based on the commercial Tranzistow synthesizer.

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Boz Digital Labs updates Bark of Dog to AAX and VST3 for Mac & Win                07th March 2014

Boz Digital Labs has updated Bark of Dog to AAX and VST3 for Mac OS X and Windows (also available in VST, AU and RTAS). Bark of Dog is free bass resonance filter that lets you increase your low end without turning up the flab.

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Phat Flux - Free Tribal Drum Samples                                  07th March 2014

Dark Side of the Tune has announced Phat Flux, a free sample pack featuring a collection of tribal drum samples.

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Function Loops releases Sharp Sampler                                  07th March 2014

Function Loops has launched the Sharp Sampler, a free sample pack featuring loops and samples from Function Loops’s SHARP sub-label.

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Full Bucket Music releases the Nabla String Synthesizer    05th March 2014

The Nabla is a VST™2.4 software instrument for Microsoft Windows® simulating the KORG Delta DL-50 Strings Synthesizer from 1979. Is is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption. The Nabla is freeware.

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Rosegarden (Linux) v14.02 codename Kaleidoscope released 05th March 2014

The Rosegarden team has announced the release of version 14.02 of Rosegarden, the musical notation editor and MIDI sequencer for Linux. This is primarily a bug-fix release. Rosegarden is a free (open source).

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TW-WhiteWidow - Free VST plugin synthesizer       05th March 2014

Versatile Mono/Poly Synth with portamento. Patchbank with 128 sounds.

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beatmatch.info releases minimal techno free loop pack       05th March 2014

Mini Pack is a free compilation of carefully selected drum, synth & bass loops, originally included in previous Beatmatch.info loop packs. Mini Pack consists of 17 drum loops (10 kick / 7 no kick), 10 midi files, 10 bass lines & synth loops. All sound files are available in high quality WAV format.

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Z3 Audiolabs releases Scratch it!                                    05th March 2014

Scratch it! is a free scratch / tapestop vst plugin for windows, it is specially created for live scratching and tapestop effects.

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Vocalizer - Free VST human voice filter                    04th March 2014

You can convert any sound into human-voice-like sound with Vocalizer. Vocalizer would be close to "formant filter" but Vocalizer has its original speech processing algorithm. You can use this software free.

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Free VST Plugins  - vstplanet.com on Pinterest                    04th March 2014

Free VST Plugins  - vstplanet.com on Pinterest.

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Exclusive download for saltline facebook fans            03rd March 2014

Son of a pitch V1 is now available to download from our Facebook download page.

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Free VST Plugins - Acrobatics Minisynth Series, FRET, GRIT and PEAK               03rd March 2014

The Minisynth series collection consist of three instruments: FRET, GRIT and PEAK. As an overall concept, Acrobatics simplified controls and packed implementations to the highest grade to push-up users creativity first and give steady look and maximum usability to the three polyphonic synthesizers.

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AZurStudio Bank - Free soundset for OBXD               03rd March 2014

AZur Studio has announced the release of a free soundset for Obdx – an emulation of famous OB-X, OB-Xa and OB8 synths by Oberheim Electronics.

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