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News - May 2019

Devil Soundz updates free Devil Drummr to v1.4 and free Devil Reverb to v2.0 for Windows 08th May 2019

Devil Soundz has updated the free VST plugins for Windows Devil Drummr and Devil Reverb. These updates are major updates that fix some bugs and add enhancements.

New in Devil Drummr 1.4:

- Redesigned GUI.
- Added 64-bit support.
- Re-worked reverb engine. Now sounds much much better with better saturation.
- Fixed: Notes not playing right until the drum track was played a few times. So now notes play right right from the start.
- A few bug fixes.
- A few internal enhancements. Now WAV files play and sound like they are suppose to.

Devil Drummr is a drum sampler that loads wav files and has 8 parts. One part for each of bass, kick, snare, tom low, tom high, hi hat, cymbal and clap. Devil Drummr has knobs to edit the volume and pitch for each part. Devil Drummr also has a reverb effect for adding reverb to your drum track. So download it and give it a try and please enjoy. Hey it's free and always will be.

New in Devil Reverb 2.0:

- Added 64-bit support.
- Reworked reverb engine now reverb sounds much much better with better harmonics and better saturation.
- Fixed: Took away unwanted artifacts like aliasing and distortions and what not.
- A few internal enhancements.

Devil Reverb is an amazing sounding reverb for adding that extra melody and warmth to your track. Devil Reverb is relatively straight forward and simple to use. You have your reverb knob for adding reverb, your width knob for adding stereo width to your reverb, your low frequency knob for adjusting the low end frequency of your reverb, your high frequency knob for adjusting the high end of your reverb (which together set up the frequency range of the reverb), your base frequency knob for adjusting the base frequency of your reverb, and your frequecy q knob for adjusting the frequency q of your reverb and a reverb frequency selector for selecting the starting frequency of the reverb. Devil Reverb will definitely sound great on whatever instrument you put it on. So download it today and enjoy. And it's free and always will be. There are x32-bit and x64-bit versions.


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