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News - June 2018

Malaclypse the Younger releases Blue Jeans and Moonbeams v.0.1. free guitar plugin  06th June 2018

Malaclypse the Younger has released Blue Jeans and Moonbeams v.0.1, free virtual guitar instrument plugin VST for Windows.

About BJAM:

It's named after a (not particularly good) Captain Beefheart album, because my guitar (which is the one pictured) has a denim-like finish. This is also the instrument with which all samples were initially made.

The samples have been heavily reworked for consistency, to eliminate any fret buzzes, to get the intonation spot on, etc. However, they're still derived from a real guitar, not synthesized.

The bridge pickup (a single-coil sized humbucker) is selected at all times. I may make additional .mse sample packs for the other pickups if there is sufficient interest.

The strings are Elixir Nanoweb, 09-46 Custom Light. (I really do recommend them if you don't like corroded strings.)

Although my guitar has just 21 frets, many S-Type guitars have 22 frets, so the VST also acts as though it has 22 frets.


- Sampled Strat-type electric guitar
- Extended lower range to C0
- Multiple fret hand positions
- Hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides
- Palm muting
- Harmonics 2 to 5
- 12-string mode
- Pick, picktap, chuck, and swipe effects
- Entirely controlled by keyswitches and MIDI controls
- VST format only
- Two audio samples, with the MIDI source used to create them

Download Blue Jeans and Moonbeams here or here! 94.62 mb


Contact: mal2fnord@gmail.com




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