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News - December 2018

GyL Synths released the free SETri (as SynthEdit Trial - Windows 32 bit VSTi) synthesizer 07th December 2018

GyL Synths has released SETri (as SynthEdit Trial - Windows 32 bit VSTi), free VST plugin synthesizer.

Main features:

- 3 oscillators - a multi waveform unison, a detunable multi waveform and a detunable Phase Distortion osc
- each
osc has envelope and LFO modulations to several parameters (pitch, PWM, ring, FM or phase dist.) from the dedicated osc envelope and LFO
- 2
level mixers and a main volume
- a filter to the multi oscs and an other to the PD
- 3 modulator blocks
(envelope + syncable LFO) - 1-1 for every main modul (osc-filter-amp)
- 2 simpl
e parallel delays
- switchable velocity to amp level
- amp LFO can be sent to panorama or osc 1-2 / PD mixer too
- pitchwheel range adjusting
- different mono (retriggered or not) and poly
(simple, hard, overlap) modes
- performance controls: pitchwheel, modwheel, aftertouch and foot pedal as modulation sources and different destinations from drop-down menus

- low CPU load

- if want to save own patches, make a copy from the init bank and can save basses, leads, pads, ... into different banks.

- comes with 4 x 16 presets from Kujashi, 16 from GyL
- demo music from Kujashi:


Freely downloadable in the GyL Synths Facebook group.


Visit: GyL Synths




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