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News - December 2018

Decomposer releases Sitala v1.0 Beta 1 free pad drum sampler 12th December 2018

Decomposer has released Sitala v1.0 beta 1, a free, simple, 16 pad drum sampler for macOS, Windows and Linux in standalone and VST and AU plug-in formats.

Here's what the say:

Sitala's philosophy is to pack as much musical expressiveness into each of its small number of controls.

The shape and compressor pre-compute makeup gain so that changes in dynamics don't affect volume. The tone control figures out which frequencies to sweep over based on the sound's content. Turning each knob shows visually how the changes affect the sound.


- 16 assignable, velocity-sensitive pads.
- Shape, compression, tuning and volume controls.
- Drag and drop sound management.
- Editable MIDI map and General MIDI.
- Trigger and kill groups.
- Stereo or 16 channel output modes.
- VST, AU and standalone versions.

Beta 1 adds:

- Beautiful visualizations for each control.
- Tone and pan controls.
- Multi-drag to assign sounds to multiple pads at once.
- Linux support.

Sitala is a free drum plugin and standalone app.


Visit: decomposer.de/sitala




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