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News - April 2016

Solcito Musica releases Arido v3.2 additive virtual synth      24th April 2016

Solcito Musica has released Arido v3.2, an additive virtual synth. The stand alone version is free.

What's new:

- Added "slide" knob for mono voice mode. The voices selector was moved near the bottom right of the panel. The factory presets were adapted to this new knob.
- No volume compensation for harmonics of Osc1 when selected "org" with the "content" selector. This improves the handling when working with organ sounds. When selected another "content", the volume compensation works normally as in earlier version.
- Moved the "spread" knob to the the Effects module, so it can be enabled or disabled as the another effects.
- Made some updates and corrections in Help text.
- Fixed bugs on the presets "sea", "classic wind" and "storm wind" that caused that the "double" knobs of oscillators disappeared.

Arido is an additive synthesizer with a simple FM feature and a subtractive filter. It includes a polyphonic driver to generate variety of timbres. That is, a distorter that works on each note separately. This synth allows make sounds like ambient, bass, pads, organs, distorted, nature, emulations, etc.


Visit: solcitomusica.blogspot.rs/p/virtuales




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