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News - April 2016

Klotoid Audio Effects releases Twin Reeler free vibrato effect plugin  16th April 2016

Klotoid Audio Effects has released Twin Reeler, free vibrato effect plugin for Windows 64 bit.

Twin Reeler - The Free Vibrato Effect Plugin

The Twin Reeler is a modulation effect, producing a reeling stereo vibrato by twisting the time scale with a different modulation function on each output channel. The plugin can be used as a simple vibrato on a mono signal path, add space to mono-to-stereo signals with moderate parameter settings, or create lurching chaos by turning the knobs up.

The feature that distinguishes Twin Reeler from a standard vibrato plugin is the random modulation modes. Both width and depth can be set to take random values throughout the processing. This means that the modulation curves will change during play-back, making the vibrato effect more varied and unpredictable compared to a standard vibrato plugin. Of course you can also select to use Twin Reeler in fixed mode to achieve a classic vibrato effect, with a constant modulation curve.

Twin Reeler - beta version - VST3 - Windows - 64 bit.

Mac, win32 or Linux? Sorry, no builds available yet.


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