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News - October 2016

GyL Synths releases Primo free VST synth                      13th October 2016

GyL Synths has released Primo, free VST sythesizer plugin for Windows.

Main features:

- dual-synth layout with independent oscillators, filters and modulations
- basic, combinable wavesforms, 1 or 5 oscillators (for unison) per layers with a simple 5 Hz vibrato,
+/- 3 octaves pitch shift for A oscillator and +/- 3 octaves detuning for B
- ModWheel to vibrato depth (switchable) and Pitchwheel to pitch change
- a simple Decay envelope with decay time (can be long enough to emulate sustain) and decay shape (from logarithmic to inversed log) controls
- envelope to pitch and lowpass filter cutoff modulation
- ring and FM modulation + distortion
- unison engines with switches for A-B side, detuning for the 2+2 side-oscillators, randomized wave-phases at each keystroke and spread for streching the sound out from the central to side directions
- synch arpeggiator with 22 speeds and a pattern editor matrix with +/- 3 octaves range and 1..8 steps
- synch ping-pong delay with 22 speeds, a single knob for delay time and dry/wet mix, 1-1 knob for reverb and chorus
- mono / poly switch, volume knob and glide control (in mono mode)
- global randomization / reset to default values buttons
- double-click on the knobs set them to default value
- synth output display
- GUI needs Segoe Print character set
- 64 slots for patches


- 32 demo patches by GyL and a full bank, 64 sounds by Kujashi


Available via the GyL Synths Facebook group.


Visit: GyL Synths Group




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