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News - October 2016

Airwindows releases Pyewacket old school compressor plug-in  25th October 2016

Airwindows has released Pyewacket, an old school compressor plug-in inspired by Chris Johnson's (Airwindows) love of the 60s/70s recordings out of London's Olympic Studios, which had and used Pye compressors on many of his favorite classic and prog-rock records.

Pyewacket is a strange beast. It’s inspired by how much I love the 60s/70s recordings out of London’s Olympic Studios, which had and used Pye compressors on many of my favorite classic and prog-rock records. Once you recognize the sound, nothing else will do: the musical event is delineated with hallucinatory intensity.

Mind you, for ten or twenty THOUSAND dollars it had damn well better hallucinate musical events on command: these are not compressors normal people can have, not anymore.

However, I’m ‘chris from airwindows’, so for me it’s not just a matter of mimicking the faceplate or even the specific behaviors of the device. I want something more original, that can get the essence of that electrifying sound. I might not play like a musical hero, but I want a compressor that can deliver that crackling voltage. And as I was listening to examples of a homebrew Pye replica, it suddenly hit me: I know how to make a compressor cut back just the body of the sound, leaving that energy and transient definition. I can also bring in the ‘brickwall filter’ behavior the Pyes have, as needed. And I have a whole life of devoted music listening off classic vinyl records to guide me. I can get the sound.


Price: Free - donations welcomed via Patreon.


Visit: airwindows.com/pyewacket




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