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News - June 2014

Two Free Bass Sample Libraries                                                02nd June 2014

Karoryfer has released Swagbass bass guitar and the Ergo EUB electric upright bass, two free sample libraries.

Samples of a bass guitar with active electronics and an old and dead set of flatwound strings, which is a combination used by many hip-hop and R&B bassists.

The bass is tuned CGDA, an octave below cello, but the low C string is also sampled tuned down to A. The notes are sampled every minor third across a range of four octaves with three velocity layers and four round robins. There are also string muting noises triggered on key release (sampled every minor third with three round robins) and various percussive noises (with a clearly excessive five round robins). The total is 331 24-bit samples in wav format. Five different SFZ mappings are included.


One huge solid stick of mahogany, four long and thick strings, a piezo pickup and not much more - that's the Ergo electric upright bass we sampled.

Though across its natural range the instrument is mainly a portable substitute for the acoustic double bass and the advantage of portability disappears when using samples, its simplicity and solid construction allow it to produce stable notes when tuned extremely low. Both arco (bowed) and pizzicato (plucked) articulations are included. Arco has four velocity layers and two to four round robins per note, pizz has three velocity layers and three-four round robins. The lowest notes sampled for both are E an entire E below the E on a standard-tuned bass. Though it's easy to create frequencies that low with synthesis or by slowing down or pitch-shifting higher-frequency samples, samples of strings or any other physical objects actually vibrating at notes this low are rare.

Sure, it can be used as a bass. The lowest notes are huge, and also useful for constructing enormous cinematic drones and thuds. They're also great for running through all sorts of effects. The possibilities are enormous - we are offering this download less as an instrument to be used as is and more as source material for creating your own sounds.

This is a free download and royalty-free for all commercial and non-commercial use with no restrictions, including redistribution of samples in other forms. In other words, you can even make Kontakt instruments with all sorts of effects and manipulation, and redistribute them.


Visit: karoryfer.com




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