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News - February 2013

Liqube updates Resonic Audio Player to Alpha 655        20th February 2013

Liqube has updated Resonic, an audio player and sample browser for Windows, to Alpha 655.

New features

Waveform peak resolution doubled. Hit the Rescan button to see the difference if files are already cached, or use Menu | Advanced | Clear waveform cache.

New favorite folders feature (bookmarks).To bookmark a folder right-click it and select Bookmark from the context menu. The folder will from now on appear under Bookmarks in the folder browser, once refreshed with CTRL+F5. Missing or offline folders (e.g. on external drives) will appear grayed.

New alternative waveform feature. See Menu | Visualization and check the option to activate a different version of the waveform. This feature might change in future versions.

Introducing a new visualization type, Events, that might be of special interest to demo sceners and mod heads: it visualizes music events in module music (i.e. mod, xm, it, etc.) either by track, or by pitch (see Menu | Visualization). Play any of the supported music files, then either press F12, or use the menu, to change the visualization type to Events.

Playback progress in analyzer views (suggested: M. Lapierre).

New Stay on top option (see Menu | Interface), especially useful when files frequently need to be dragged and dropped onto Resonic from Windows Explorer, or from other applications (suggested: L. Castillo).

New Minimize to tray option (see Menu | Interface).

New shortcut: ALT+M minimizes to tray and shows icon in notification area.

New shortcut: CTRL+ALT+I toggles the information bar.


Played area is not shaded for files shorter than a second, which makes it visually less annoying for looped samples and one-shots.

Slightly improved waveform painting / CPU usage.

Much faster folder switching in many cases, especially with folders containing certain archive files, e.g. .zip (reported: Andreasvb).

Files can now be right-clicked (context menu) without auto-playing them.

Folders can now be right-clicked (context menu) without auto-expanding them.

Menu button text replaced with a generic menu symbol.

Flat visualization button.


Fixed certain visualization elements looking badly interpolated.

Fixed menu options not following playback mode (reported: Andreasvb).

Fixed slow application startup in a certain case.

Fixed error message not being shown for unsupported files.

Fixed hover line painting on top of play time in waveform view.

Fixed several smaller stability issues.

Fixed Clear waveform cache, now also displays size in megabytes.


Playback mode Shuffle renamed to Random, which better describes what Resonic is doing in this mode at the moment: randomize playback, not shuffle. Expect proper track shuffling in a future release.

Resonic is a slick audio player and browser / directory player, built around a big waveform view. Free for personal use. Company / commercial use requires license.


Visit: resonic.at




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