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News - August 2013

Free sample pack - Remo Doumbek                                 06th August 2013

Subtersonic has released a free sample pack featuring the sounds of a Remo doumbek percussion instrument.

"The doumbek is a goblet shaped hand drum. This membranophone is known by many names (such as darabukka, tonbak, tablah, darbuka, etc.) and comes in numerous variations in shape and size. It is a traditional instrument in many countries, ranging from Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, to India. It is commonly associated with belly dancing. Traditional construction materials can include metal or ceramic for the body, and a fish skin head. The unique goblet shape of the body allows for a lower tone that would normally be achieved by a small drum. The head may be glued on, or may be tunable with a curved rim.  It also utilizes a variety of playing techniques and has become a popular "world music" instrument. 

I am not an expert with this instrument by any means, but I do have experience performing Balkan, Turkish, Persian and Indian music with this drum. The particular instrument that I sampled was manufactured by Remo. It is more of a utilitarian design, with a solid wood body and a synthetic head. It is more durable than a traditional design, but has a less defined tone. 

The Sample Pack

Brand: Remo

Model DK-0408-08

8" Diameter, synthetic pre-tuned head, wood body

Recorded as dry, 16 bit, mono WAV files, 140 samples total, edited with Audacity Each sample was recorded with 2 mics: a Shure SM-57 near the head, and a Nady"

The sample pack is a free download.


Visit: subtersonic.weebly.com




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