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News - February 2013

Perimeter Sound Arts releases Free Loops Pack                12th February 2013

Perimeter Sound Arts has released Free Loops Pack, a collection of free loops and samples taken from their commercial sound libraries.

"Pushing music to the outer and inner limits - through acoustic experimentation and electronic manipulation. Drawing musical ideas from all areas of the globe, past, present and future, while maintaining an acute sense of mood, groove & feeling. Using everything from sticks & stones to sitar & piano, to the latest computer technology to produce sounds that go beyond the mundane to give your projects a distinctive & imaginative edge. Merge Dualities: combine natural, textural nuance with the tight clean precision of technology; digitally programmed trance inducing rhythms under the human musicality of never-play-the-same-thing-twice improvisation.

Perimeter Sound presents a dozen+ loop sample collections for professional and hobbyist users. Also available are a large collection of patches for the Line 6 POD Farm & Gearbox amp simulation software. And 3 collections of patches for the Zebra software synthesizer. Within the 12 titles currently available, you will find a combination and variety of sounds, beats, solo bits, and everything inbetween for any kind of music you may want to make, and possibly some you didn't know you were capable of making."

Loop sample collections in Acidized .wav/Apple Loops .aif/Rex .rx2 format.

Get no-obligation free samples and start using them in your productions today.


Visit: perimetersound.tradebit.com




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