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News - February 2012

orDrumbox - New setup installer works now on windows x64                          06th February 2012

The orDrumbox is a free drum machine software, designed to be as creative as possible with unusual features : auto-composition, polyrythmes, unusual arpeggiator, automatic sounds/track matching , custom softsynths, lowfi rendering... This tools can compose bass line and complete songs using included drum kits with the audio sequencer functions.

You can create songs by assembling various patterns. It's up to you to determine the number of beats in each pattern (16 or 32 or whatever).

Each pattern is composed of tracks (as many as you want). Each track corresponds to one sound.

The tracks/sounds can be pitched and mixed and panoramized, and solo/muted/ with the interface. Polyrhythms capabilities: Add a loop point at the step you want, independently on each track.

Each track is composed of notes (one note by beat). On each note, you can independently control pitch (from -12 to +12 semitones) and volume. Some notes can be loop point or scale notes

The number of different sounds is not limited, neither the number of tracks in a pattern, nor the number of patterns in a song.


You can import, create, modify and save drum kits. It's a "sound library" in one single file.

You can import your own sound files and use them as instruments with the orDrumbox.

Use any standard WAV files for drum samples, so you can easily add your own ones or download wave files from the Net.

The import tool can automaticly import and assign all the wave files in a zip file or in a directory in one single click


Visit: ordrumbox.com 




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