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News - January 2012

Bob Leggitt of Planet Botch releases Stomp King                11th January 2012

These are highly individual, but extremely musical freeware devices which have the sonic aura of a classic vintage stomp box range.

Stomp King SK-1 Vibrato: A flexible vibrato effect which works well on clean guitar and electric bass sounds, electric pianos, and of course organs.

Stomp King SK-2 Sympho: The Sympho is a highly attractive sounding symphonic dimension/chorus type effect with multiple simultaneous modulations creating a richness beyond the reach of any standard chorus.

Stomp King SK-3 F-Cycle: If you like the basic concept of a phaser, but feel that standard phasing sucks too much out of the tone of the instrument, give the SK-3 a try. It uses a cycled analogue synth style filter system rather than standard phase-shifting

Stomp King SK-4 Anacho: Digital delays are ten-a-penny. They're easy for techies to make because they're all about maths. This delay is all about music. It simulates the old analogue delay pedal, with its steady degradation of repeats and characteristic pitch instability.

Stomp King SK-5 GuitarAmp: The Stomp King GuitarAmp is an unusually exciting way to produce overdrive for your guitar, bass, organ and keyboard sounds in the VST environment. This is no ordinary overdrive.

The Stomp King effect plug-ins for Windows (VST) are available to download at no cost.


Visit: planetbotch.blogspot.com




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