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News - April 2012

Scooty updated to v1.0n                                                03rd April 2012

Scooty targets the entry-level hobbyist with a midi hardware keyboard who wants to explore the VST world but doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a commercial host sequencer sporting features designed for the professional. Scooty is an unlimited track, stereo midi/audio ASIO sequencer supporting up to 32 VST instruments/effects. Scooty manages all compositions in a tree view, uses splitter panes and panels to maximize workspace, and has features such as creating speech using Windows’ built-in SAPI 4 and 5 speech APIs, and singing using your singing application (one is available on the author’s website).

 New features:

  • Added option to run a post-process program when creating singing clips. This was needed because FestivalFlinger creates 16000Hz files, and Scooty needs 11025, 22050, or 44100 Hz format.
  • Runs your audio conversion program for wave files that are not in 11025, 22050, or 44100 Hz format.
  • Track groups, increases total number of tracks to unlimited.
  • Create separate files for each VST during export.
  • VSTs that fail to load will blink red in the VST listbox, instead of automatically removing them.
  • These features have been removed for various reasons: throttle, overdub, export to record, set to memory, button decals.
  • Playback sound now cuts out (instead of gramaphone skipping) when computer can’t keep up.
  • Snapins, to move some of the code into on-demand DLLs and to provide a way for others to add their own simple functionality to Scooty.
  • Removed PNG support. Scooty now uses only the BMP graphics format.
  • Very limited support for more than two channels (multichannel).
  • Organize VSTs by user-defined categories.
  • Small clip view.

 Scooty is a freeware.


Visit: tgomj.webs.com




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