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News - April 2012

Psycle v1.10.1 released                                                       24th April 2012

The official version of Psycle 1.10.1 has been released. Like with the previous version, there are two installers, one for the 32-bit version (x86) and the other for the 64-bit one (x64).

The main changes since 1.10 are the support for multi-io VST plug-ins and the new version of the Winamp plug-in. There is also a new Example song from angelus.

Changes in v1.10.1:

  • New release of Winamp plugin with support for Winamp localization languages, 24 and 32bit integer output, saves configuration in Winamp instead of registry and all the features of Psycle 1.10.
  • Number of audio threads configurable in the settings dialog. Value of 0 detects it automatically.
  • Added back the option to save .wav file in the same directory than .psy file.
  • New note duplicator machine that allows keyboard splitting.
  • Implementation of Multi-io audio. Support for multi-pin VST machines (Find the option in the wire dialog).
  • pitch wheel for sequenced MIDI mode (it was already possible in immediate mode).
  • Added save to HKLM registry (all users) and All users directory. Allow configuring relative directories (easier usage from USB drive. Warning: saving settings in .ini files is slow. Need to make a new implementation).
  • Added option to delete the other settings files/registry when selecting one in the settings dialog.
  • Better song duration calculation. Also improved seeking in Winamp plugin.
  • Changes to better catch unhandled exceptions.
  • Changes in new machine dialog for better usage in smaller screens. Also option to recreate cache in the configuration menu.
  • Internal source code changes to have multiple "Global" classes and separation of plugin cache classes (This eases the development of the Winamp plugin).
  • Change in mouse tweaking, now reaching the end and moving back is easier.
  • Fixes in the configuration of VST bit bridging.
  • Add new track in pattern now shifts the names correctly.
  • Fixed crash in Mixer machine when tweaking a non-valid send.
  • Special keys dialog in the configuration was not working.
  • Fixed increased CPU usage in machine view.
  • Fixed creation of a new sampler machine each time load, edit or wave edit buttons where pushed.
  • Fixed saving .fxb and .fxp using the "Save Preset" for VSTs.
  • Fix for CPU clock calculation on P4 and similar. This affected especially the MIDI synchronization code.
  • Fix crash after opening and closing a VST machine and receiving an Automation (f.ex: with FreeAmp 2.5).
  • Fix on plucked string where two instances caused wrong sound.
  • Fix where settings could be loaded from one place, and saved to a different one.
  • Fix in sking (theme) loading and saving.
  • Fix in the plugin cache (now keeps the letter-case of the plugin DLL). This fixes FabFilter plugins.
  • Compatibility improvements for older songs made with arguru synth/bass plugins.
  • Other smaller fixes and changes.

Psycle is a free, Open-Source, music creation program that offers an easy way to create your own music, fast, and with high quality.

Psycle uses a classical tracker interface (a text grid of notes which are sequenced one after the other), coupled with modularity (plugins) that allow to extend the sounds that you get from it.


Visit: Psycle




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