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News - May 2012

Pro SoloVst and VL-122 software synthesizers are now free   26th May 2012

AM Music has set free its Pro SoloVst and VL-122 instrument plugins.

The AM Music Technology Pro SoloVst is a simple virtual instrument that reproduces the monophonic analog preset synthesizer from the early 1970's ARP Pro Soloist.

The sound engine of the Pro SoloVst is a software emulation of the real analog algorithms implemented inside the original instrument: VCO, resonators, filters, VCF, VCA and analog effects. So you can hear and feel analog-like warm sounds coming out from a set of 30 voices corresponding to the presets of the synthesizer.


Download Pro SoloVst here! 442 kb


The AM Music Technology VL-122 VST instrument virtually reproduces the vintage electro-mechanic spinet organ Hammond L-122.

The sound engine of the VL-122 is a physical modelling emulation of the real electro-mechanic generators (tone-wheels), drawbars, filters and effects (vibrato and reverb) that compose the original instrument. Moreover, some new effects have been added to recreate the complete set of timbres that characterize all the Hammond spinet organ sounds, from classic and church to rock and progressive. But why a new virtual Hammond organ emulation, when lots of them can be found for either commercial or free?


Download VL-122 here!

Actually the VL-122 is not one more Hammond B3 or C3 console organ emulation. It is the emulation of the so called “spinet” organ L-122 (or L-1xx series, where xx is related to the mechanic design only). The spinet organ has a quite different sound, respect the most popular console organs. The timbre is less aggressive and more rounded, and it has been used in very different arrangements than the bigger brothers B3 or C3.

Just as example try to listen the characteristic sound of early Genesis (1970-1975).So, the VL-122 is not one alternative choice to the other clones, but one more VST plug-in to add to our own virtual instrument setup.

Both plug-ins are currently available to download for Windows (VST). A free Mac AU version of Pro SoloVST is coming soon.


Visit: prosolovst.com (no longer available)




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