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News - April 2012

Free Grand Piano for OS X and Windows 64-Bit              20th April 2012

Sound Magic has announced the release of its free grand piano, Piano One, for Mac OS X and Windows 64-bit. Besides the previous Windows version, Piano One now provides:

  • Native Windows 64-Bit VSTi Version.
  • AudioUnit 32-Bit/64-Bit Version for OS X.
  • VST 32-Bit/64-Bit Version for OS X.

The Sound of Piano One comes from the Yamaha C7 concert grand, a true workhorse in the professional piano world, appearing on famous concert stages, in international competitions and in prestigious music events throughout the world.


By utilizing the Sound Magic Hybrid Modeling Engine, Piano One offers both the realistic sound of sampling and the playability of modeling. Hybrid Modeling provides an instantaneous feeling - no delay - and a truer and richer sound than can be created with either sampling or modeling alone, says Sound Magic. What's more, Piano One utilizes only 150MB, which is quite a small footprint, making Piano One usable even on older PCs. There is no waiting time when loading and the CPU usage is so small that it's virtually unnoticeable.

Download Piano One here!


Visit: supremepiano.com




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