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News - January 2012

MusE 2.0 (Linux) Release Candidate 2 Now Available          18th January 2012

Release Candidate 2 of MusE 2.0 is now available for download (RC1 was released back in November, 2011).

MusE 2.0 Release Candidate 2
Quite a bit of polish has been done in the GUI and some under the hood fixes for various audio and MIDI data handling.

Crunched list of improvements:

  • New super-glue feature.
  • Global Cut: Fixed crashes with markers. Re-did marker section in structure.cpp:adjustGlobalLists().
  • Fixed drag and drop cloning parts - bad reference count in PartCanvas::moveItem().
  • File Open dialog: Start with song data and configuration.
  • New 'Duplicate tracks' Edit action, and dialog. Post-cleanups. TODO: Copy plugins, fix copying parts.
  • Audio strip prefader now controls audio.
  • Fixed: Annoying ladspa browser issues. Leak: Dialog was not destroyed. Sorting. Save complete state.
  • Fixed long-time graphics corruption issue: Large areas of desktop erased to background.
  • New: MIDI routing matrix. No more clumsy routing menu items. Currently for MIDI Track iR and Audio Input iR solo routes.
  • Improved: MIDI ports list now fills automatically at start.
  • List only writeable ports in track list output port column and MIDI track info combo box.
  • Jack MIDI devices now save an additional required rwFlags xml tag.
  • MIDI ports dialog: Auto dis/connect the stated default channels when selecting a device.
  • Complete Spanish translation from Cristian Ramos.
  • Improved: Project save dialog: Now has quick save as Template. Separate project/result paths shown. Editable project folder.
  • Added: Project directory in global settings dialog.
  • Changed: In File Dialog, 'User' initial prepend path changed to muse./config path. So user files + templates are shown.
  • Fixed: Template directory changed from /home/templates to muse config directory. Support for old files included.
  • Fixed: DSSI synth audio inputs. This means dssi vocoders, samplers etc. should work now.
  • Re-write: Fixed audio mixing, meter processing. Audio, and meters, for all mono <-> stereo route combinations work sensibly now.
  • Window titles of ladspa and dssi plugins now have track name prefix to help identify them.
  • Added "Unused Devices" menu to the arranger's port popupmenu for rapid device selection.

MusE 2.0 Release Candidate 1

Crunched list of improvements:

  • added sane configuration defaults to muse.
  • added MDI-like and borland-like user interface.
  • improved copy paste with paste dialog.
  • Lots of new internal namespaces e.g. MusEArranger and MusEMixer.
  • GUI widgets with new look, especially in mixer.
  • score editor improvements.
  • reworked MIDI tools.
  • Popup menus: If stay-open mode, space triggers item and double-click simulates return.
  • Changed MIDI track info patch popup behaviour. Now stays open for auditioning patches.
  • Changed editor 'ctrl' controller popups. Split instrument/other (+common controls.) + show ctrl numbers.
  • Changed mouse wheel behaviour in graphical editors except the score editor.
  • Added dialog to remove unused wave files.
  • Changed default imported MIDI song type to GM.
  • + lots more bugs squashed, improvements, code reorganizations.

MusE is a free (open source) multitrack virtual studio for Linux that has support for sequencing of both MIDI and audio and has, among other things, support for LADSPA, Jack and ALSA.


Visit: muse-sequencer.org 




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