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News - January 2012

Mandelbrot Drummer VST Rhythm Maker                               27th January 2012

The plugin is currently in Beta Test. When it goes on sale it will be priced at US$19, but you are invited to try it for free now. Please report any bugs or problems to support@mandelbrotdrummer.com. The Beta Test version is enabled until June 2012.

  • quickly lay out drum patterns - much easier than a piano roll editor
  • easily vary velocity across the patterns - use Mandelbrot Fractals to alter velocity rhythmically
  • rapidly audition different sounds and placement of hits - experiment by nudging hits relative to each other
  • synchronize to your song with simple MIDI triggers
  • integrated with your DAW - save and restore using host presets
  • experiment with poly-rhythms and unusual time signatures
  • use it to play your favourite drum sounds
  • use it to create bass patterns too
  • the download includes example projects for Cubase, Ableton Live, FL Studio and Sonar


Visit: mandelbrotdrummer.com




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