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News - February 2012

ifoundasound releases LiveProfessor Beta 2.3                   16th February 2012

ifoundasound has released Beta 2.3 of LiveProfessor. There are some rather drastic changes to the code in this release. The main differences are that the way the ASIO drivers are loaded and the way MIDI is handled between plug-ins.

  • The ASIO loading has changed to allow the use of multimode drivers (You can choose the ASIO channels that LP should use).
  • The position of the MIDI-modifiers and the MIDI filter on each plug-in has been moved so that it works on MIDI coming from other plug-ins. Please make sure that all your advanced MIDI setups still behaves like they should.

Full list of changes.

  • New: Multimode ASIO: Changed the way ASIO drivers are loaded. LiveProfessor no longer takes control of the entire ASIO interface. You can enable or disable single channels in the Audio options window. Using a sound device with support for multimode, for example RME devices, two applications can share the same audio device. Note that the two applications need to use the same buffer size and can not enable the same outputs in both applications.
  • New: Learn button in MIDI send window (Cue action) and better support for SysEx.
  • New: Possible to assign a keyboard short cut or controller to "Go previous cue".
  • Internal Fix: General bug in the cuelist.
  • Fix: Remove active workspace does not remove the active work space but the first in the list.
  • Fix: Closing windows did not change the view-menu states.
  • Fix: Audio processing stops after changing settings in ASIO control panel.
  • Fix: MIDI options are now called MIDI modifiers.
  • Changed: MIDI Modifiers and filter are now also inserted for MIDI between Plug-ins.
  • Changed: MIDI mute was not recalled correctly when opening a project.
  • Fix: MIDI notes could hang when changing transpose values.
  • New: Added a Ğuse single messageğ option on MIDI controller buttons so that a button can turn on, for example on the message Program change=45.
  • Fix: MIDI patch between Plug-ins was not always loaded correctly when opening a project.

LiveProfessor is designed to be a effect rack of VST plug-ins - specifically with live sound in mind. The concept is very simple: using an ASIO audio card you can route inputs and outputs through your VST plug-ins. The program supports snapshots, MIDI and both VST effects and VST instruments.


  • As many VST plug-ins as your computer can handle. Both VST effects and VST instruments are supported.
  • Easy routing: The matrix view makes it easy to see what is patched where.
  • Snapshot automation of each plug-in: Recalls all parameters of a plug-in.
  • MIDI input: To control instruments or to allow hands-on control of plug-ins.
  • Fast audio engine to ensure low latency. Using a standard ASIO-card you can have as many inputs and outputs you like.

LiveProfessor is free.


Visit: ifoundasound




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