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News - January 2012

Free Ableton Live Pack created with a Justin Bieber Toy        30th January 2012

Hello, I hope everything is going well, this is AfroDJMac with a most controversial Free Ableton Live Pack.

Surprisingly over the course of NAMM so much awesome new gear was released and discussed, but no one mentioned the groundbreaking Justin Bieber Keyboard Guitar by Paper Jamz!  Fear not however, I've got the scoop on this $15 treasure :) !!  This week I took the Paper Jamz Justin Bieber Keyboard Guitar toy, which boasts a synth engine, drum samples and Bieber vocal snippets, and sampled them into a couple of very usable Ableton Live Racks.  This download contains a synth that functions very nicely for ambient tones, a drum rack of some seriously lo-fi drum sounds, a drum rack loaded with some entertaining Justin Bieber samples that can be mangled via the macro knobs, and also a slice to midi preset that I find pretty useful.  One thing I have discovered is that Bieber is capable of stirring up the emotions of not just 7-13 year old girls, but also those of Ableton Live producers and electronic musicians and artists everywhere.  So, with this release I ask that you open your minds and enjoy this exercise in interesting-sounds-can-come-from-anywhere, and I think you will be pleased with the results :) .


Thanks for your time and support!


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