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News - February 2012

Free Convolution App For iPhone                                       01st February 2012

SpaceSampler is a smart audio convolution application that lets you record, apply filters from real acoustic spaces and equipment, and then share with anyone.


  • Effects are modeled from actual rooms, spaces and gear
  • Fast convolution algorithm
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Integrated sampler with resume recording
  • Live monitoring for low-latency, real-time effects
  • Big mix knob blends between effected and dry signals
  • Recording browser for easy file management
  • Re-load recordings for mulit-layered effects
  • Share via e-mail, MAPI Audio Copy, Dropbox and SoundCloud
  • Choose between .wav and .mp4 for file encoding

The Filters:

  • Tape Echo: A classic old-school tape echo with a touch of spring reverb
  • Glitchy: Unique delay pattern blips add a circuit-bent type sound
  • Studio Vox: Smooth UK mic pre, EQ and a nice studio vocal booth
  • Slap Back: Classic ’50?s Rock-A-Billy slap back echo
  • Dream Plate: The venerable 60?s plate reverb
  • Great Hall: Long and spacious hall reverb
  • Smooth Spring: The classic guitar-amp reverb
  • Pop Doubler: A rich doubled sound, perfect for pop vocals
  • Warm Room: A medium length, woody sounding, warm room reverb
  • Inverse: A strange reversed room effect
  • Studio One: Get down with this fun dub delay
  • AM Radio: Emulation of a vintage, band-limited AM Radio
  • Stadium: Announce your favorite game, or take the stage with this big delay
  • Electro: Disguise your voice with this robotic, vocoder type filter
  • Slow Wave: A classic 1980?s chamber with a hint of delay

SpaceSampler is a free download from the App Store.


Visit: itunes.apple.com




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