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News - May 2012

Willow Software releases Anvil Studio version 2012.05.10       21st May 2012

Willow Software updated Anvil Studio to version 2012.05.10.

Improvements include:

  • This version now supports more VST-Instruments.
  • Audio Samples can now be dragged to the Staff from the Audio Samples list below the staff.
  • Added splitter bars and scroll bars to Piano Roll editor to make it easier to resize panels and scroll to desired notes within the panel.
  • MIDI effects' parameters can now be edited over time within a loop with Pro-Mix.
  • Improved the native Equalizer effect.
  • With Pro-Mix accessory installed, VST-Instruments support automation of effect parameters.
  • A more useful message is displayed when an error occurs while using VST-Instruments.
  • For VST-Instruments that do not respond to MIDI events for Volume and PanPot, View / Mixer screen's Volume or L/R Balance control's alter the track's Audio volume.

Problems fixed:

  • In earlier versions, some songs whose tempo changed over time went silent when played to VST-Instruments.
  • When a track was assigned to a VST-Instrument, composing by playing notes on an external MIDI keyboard was not causing the notes to be echoed by the VST-Instrument.
  • In Percussion staff editor, in version 2012.03.01, adding a new drum to the palette would incorrectly report an error.
  • When a VST-Instrument was added by pressing the FX column, it was not echoing entered notes when composing.

Anvil Studio is a free Windows 7 / Vista / XP program for editing multi-track MIDI files. The free version can:

  • Host a VST-Instrument using Core Audio, DirectX or WDM.
  • Create songs with unlimited MIDI tracks and 2 audio tracks up to one minute long.

With the optional Anvil Studio Pro-Mix accessory, it can load any number of VST-Effects and VST-Instruments, and ReWire instruments under ASIO, Core Audio, DirectX, or WDM, and it can record, edit, and playback VST parameter automation.


Visit: Willow Software




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