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News - February 2012

Willow Software updates free version of Anvil Studio to host VST-Instruments              07th February 2012

Willow Software has updated the free version of Anvil Studio, version 2012.01.01, to act as a host for VST-Instruments. Previously, the only software synthesizer available with the free version was the Windows-supplied GS Wavetable Synthesizer. With an external MIDI keyboard, Anvil Studio can now be used for multi-track sound-on-sound recording, and real-time performance with no delays due to GS Wavetable Synthesizer's high latency.

Anvil Studio is a free Windows 7 / Vista / XP program for editing multi-track MIDI files. The free version can:

  • Host a VST-Instrument using Core Audio, DirectX or WDM.
  • Create songs with unlimited MIDI tracks and 2 audio tracks up to one minute long.

With the optional Anvil Studio Pro-Mix accessory, it can load any number of VST-Effects and VST-Instruments, and ReWire instruments under ASIO, Core Audio, DirectX, or WDM, and it can record, edit, and playback VST parameter automation.

With the optional Anvil Studio Multi-Audio accessory, it can record and mix up to 8 Audio tracks of unlimited length.

With the optional Anvil Studio Print-Sheet accessory, you can annotate and print sheet music for standard MIDI files with standard music notation including: slur, crescendo, decrescendo, fermata, trill, repeat, D.C., D.S., Segno, Coda, Prima Volta, Seconda Volta, pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff, and more.

  • Editors: Staff, Lyrics, Piano Roll, Percussions, Loops, Audio, Events.
  • File formats: standard .MID and .WAV files.
  • Includes extensive integrated help.
  • Piano Roll / Rhythm editor with:
    • Multi-level loops.
    • Loops can refer to notes, other loops, samples, or Riffs.
    • Import, record and edit audio samples and play them like drums.
    • Any note duration down to 1/128th notes.
    • Dynamic editing while the song is playing, making it easier to experiment with rhythms.
    • Duplet, quintuplet, and septuplet notes.


Visit: Willow Software 




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