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News - February 2012

J1000 updates Alpha and PQ33                                 23rd February 2012

J1000 has released updates to its Alpha and PQ33 freeware equalizer effect plug-ins for Windows.

ALPHA is parametric equalizer made for advanced mastering tasks. It is concieved to be the only EQ you’ll need to achieve the desired spectral balance. Since mid/side channel processing is the best way to handle the most of contemporary music, the whole concept is based around it.

Changes in Alpha v3.81

  • More efficient and better sounding tilt module.
  • Reduced operating range of shifting controls by 50%, for more precise adjustments.


PQ33 is a freeware VST equalizer based on RND Portico 5033 hardware unit with two additional pass filters. Other than that, it has the same layout of elements, very similar frequency ranges for all filters, same gain operational levels and Q factors. It is intended for use during mixing and tracking, but it can also be used for simple mastering tasks.

Changes in PQ33 v1.21

  • Bigger GUI to make room for all knob labels.
  • Knobs turning radius is slightly smaller, now 270 degrees.
  • Corrected numerical values to match exact measurements, not ones on hardware unit.
  • Default position for Q factor knobs is now at maximum.

Both VST effect plug-ins for Windows are available to download at no cost from J1000.


Visit: j1000.in.rs




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