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News - February 2012

Making 8bit Music - Free chiptune VST plugins              25th February 2012

Making 8bit Music: Free Chiptune VST Plugins For Budding Composers.

ymVST - VST plug-in for authentic Atari ST chipsounds Emulates the built in YM2149 sound chip with a decent plugin user-interface on your PC.

ymVST was created by Atari chip music freak Gareth Morris aka gwEm.


38911 Bytes (3.84 mb) is a one oscillator synth. It`s a synthesizer based on Commodore 64 software but it can do a lot more.

It has 1 oscillator with 4 waveforms (Saw, Triangle, Pulse,pitched Noise) ringmodulation waveforms (Saw, Triangle,Pluse). PulseWidth Octaves from -3 to 4.

1 ringmodulation oscillator with 3 waveforms (saw,triangle,pulse) PulseWidth,octaves range -3 to 4 and notes C to B

2 LFOs with 19 waveforms,16 different BPM rates and manual rate an ADSR with curves for the depth of the LFO.

A low/hi depth button

The LFOs can start when hitting a key (GATE) start when you hit play in your sequencer (FIRST) and start at any point (FREE)

Destinations are pitch, pw ,cutoff and resonance

4x16 step sequencers:

have 11 BPM rates,manual rate and c64 rate.The BPM rates only work when you set the sequence on BPM mode in Manual rate and in c64 rate all the sequencers have the same rate.

1 waveform sequencer you can select the following waveforms (saw, triangle, pulse,pitched noise,RM Triangle,RM saw,RM Pulse)


CMT Bitcrusher (308 kb) is an easy to use, opensource distortion / bit crusher / downsampler plug.

Not an instrument but an effect, CMT Bitcrusher is ideal for taking clean samples and turning them into dirty retro noise. Simple, free and effective.


pooBoy 2 (839 kb) - If it’s Game Boy emulation you’re after then you can do a lot worse than pooBoy, a delightfully presented and powerful Game Boy VST.

Featuring classic Nintendo sounds, 25 presets and of course the ability to twiddle settings and come up with your own patches, pooBoy 2.0 is more than just a silly name! Developer: pontonius.se


BITBOY (1.03 mb) - An intriguing selection of VST instruments and effects, all with a glitchy and sinister twist.

Not everything will be of use here, but I’d recommend BITBOY which claims to be a “circuit bent chiptune synth” (it’s pretty crazy) and the bit-crusher plugin BIT BASHER for crushing your pristine samples down to size.


Pure6581 (804 kb) - Commodore 64 (C64) soundchip emulation.

It emulates the SID (MOS Technology 6581) soundchip. 1 OSC + 3 Stage Wavetable (sine, saw, ramp, triangle, pulse, noise), 1 RingModulation Section + ADSR, HARD-OSC-SYNC, 1 Filter (LP/HP/BP/BR), PWM Controller, Arpeggiator in 4 steps.






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