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News - June 2011

Circular Labs updates Mobius Programmable Looper to v1.45   01st June 2011

Circular Labs has updated Mobius, the programmable looper, to version 1.45, which fixes a few bugs that were reported in 1.44.

New Features:

  • Setup and Preset may be selected as Instant Parameters so they are always visible in the main window.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Rename button on OSX not working.
  • Sustain functions not working.
  • Popup message when presets change not working.
  • Changing a setup with "set setup" was being delayed so saving and restoring the currently selected track wasn't working. (Fro).
  • Loading scripts in a scrip directory is doing a case sensitive comparison for ".mos" and missing ".MOS". (Fro).
  • The script name used after the "Call" statement in scripts was case sensitive. (Fro).

Reported Issues:

  • Calling a script by referencing it like function without the "Call" prefix delays the execution. This makes scripts behave differently than functions. If you want the script to run immediately you must preceded it with Call. This will be fixed in a later release.

Mobius is software for the real-time creation of audio loops. It was inspired by the venerable hardware loopers of the past, but moves beyond them in many powerful and exciting ways. You can think of Mobius as 8 synchronized stereo loopers that can be used in any combination with extensive MIDI and computer keyboard control. Loops may be saved to and loaded from files.  A powerful scripting language allows you to create macros or customize Mobius to support your unique style of performance.

Mobius is available for both Windows (XP and Vista) and OS X (10.4 or higher).  It can be run standalone, as a VST plugin, or as an Audio Unit plugin on OS X.

Mobius is free, though we do accept donations and request that you report problems and offer suggestions.   You may contact us directly but the best place to ask questions and learn from others is the forums.


Visit: circularlabs.com



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