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News - June 2011

ifoundasound releases LiveProfessor Beta 2.0                  08th June 2011

ifoundasound has announced the release of LiveProfessor Beta 2.0, which brings some big changes, although most of them are under the hood.

The audio engine has changed: There was a need for more flexible routing and better multi-core support. Each plug-in input can now mix any number of sources, from sound card inputs or other plug-in outputs. Routing is done like before but you can now use the CTRL-key to add more then one input to a plug-in. In the same way all plug-in outputs can be split to multiple destinations.

Multi-core processors are now supported so that each signal chain can run on its own core. So if you have 4 plug-ins and 4 cores each plug-in gets its own core. But if all the plug-ins are connected to each other, they run on the same core, as they have to wait for each other any way. You don’t have to think about this, it’s just to give you a hint that routing affects the efficiency of the program.

MIDI controllers: The next big change is the way MIDI controllers are handled. Users reported that they where limited by the early system of a global map with 8 layers. The system has now been split up. You now add a new Controller, you add as many knobs, buttons, sliders as you want to match your physical device, and then assign MIDI messages to these (instead of directly to the plug-in-parameters).

Each plug-in instance can now have as many controller maps as you want, and you can switch between them like you do with snapshots. There has also been added a bunch of filter, scale and logic options so you can tweak the controllers just the way you like.

LiveProfessor Beta 2.0 Change Log:

  • Feature: New audio engine. Summing on all plug-in inputs, split on all plug-in outputs.
  • Feature: Better multi core support. All cores are now used. The cores are divided pr. “Signal-chain”.
  • Feature: “Route back” you can now split a signal and route it back to a plug-in earlier in the signal chain. (Please look out for feedback).
  • Feature: New MIDI controller system. The way hardware MIDI controllers control plug-in parameters is completely changed.
  • Feature: Library. Most LiveProfessor settings (Snapshots, Cues, Cue Actions, Controllers, Controller Maps, etc) can be saved in a global Library so you can use them in other projects.
  • Feature: Each cue now has a button to assign a MIDI trigger.
  • Fix: MIDI learn ignore active sense message.
  • New: Comment action. Empty cue action that can be used as a note/hint/memo.
  • Fix: Bug in patch window when hiding plug-ins with multiple I/O.
  • Feature: Warning when opening a project on a system with less IO then the one the project was saved on. (Will remove the patch points).
  • Feature: 88.2 KHz sample rate.
  • Feature: Snapshot masks. When recalling a snapshot in a cue action, you can now choose to not recall selected parameters.
  • New: Export cue lists. Cue lists can now be saved (Only makes sense for cues that are not linked to a plug-in).
  • Feature: Expand/Hide all in cue list.
  • Feature: New location of program settings. The program settings are no longer saved in the Program Files folder but in the AppData folder, as this is the Vista/Win7 way.
  • Fix: Bug when replacing snapshots when using the global cue tool.
  • Fix: Cues could get stuck to the mouse.

LiveProfessor is designed to be a effect rack of VST plug-ins – specifically with live sound in mind. The concept is very simple: using an ASIO audio card you can route inputs and outputs through your VST plug-ins. The program supports snapshots, MIDI and both VST effects and VST instruments.

LiveProfessor is free.


Visit: ifoundasound



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