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News - June 2011

Sir Elliot releases 1977 Preamplifiern                           01st June 2011

Sir Elliot has released 1977 Preamplifier, a free effect plug-in for Windows.

Sir Elliot’s 1977 Preamplifier is aimed for those who master music that would like a rich tone with a touch of character. The 1977 Preamplifier performs superb on Jazz & Dance music that sounds too flat. This Preamplifier was designed on a 192 kHz platform to take full advantage of high sample rates ranging from 88.2 to 192 kHz however, will function fine on low sample rates such as 48 & 44.1 kHz.


Power Consumption

44.1 kHz: 7 %

88.2 kHz: 14 %

96 kHz: 15.5 %

192 kHz: 31 %

384 kHz: 62 %

Note: Power consumption is based on a Pentium 4, single-core, 2.8 GHZ, system. Windows XP (non-service pack) was used as the operating system. The audio file used is a pink noise wav file.

Sir Elliot’s 1977 Preamplifier is optimised for high sample rates however, will function fine on low sample rates such as 48 & 44.1 kHz.

Fixed Delay


1977 English from Sir Elliot on Vimeo.

The 1977 Preamplifier is available to download as a freeware VST effect plugin for Windows.


Visit: Sir Elliot



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