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News - February 2010

nashNET updates reViSiT Pro to v1.3.3             15th February 2010

nashNET has updated reViSiT Pro to v1.3.3, featuring a couple of major improvements.

  • A completely new timing approach for external MIDI (e.g. LoopBe1, MIDIOX, hardware interfaces). reViSiT now uses queue timers, the cream of Windows timers; replacing the previous multimedia timer-based approach. The result should be a noticeably tighter performance, especially when bouncing down or exporting to audio. For the best timing performance, in general, try to use low-latencies with your audio driver.
  • Improved support for Vista and Windows 7. Specifically, for anyone suffering help/font problems. The installation procedure has been changed to address these issues (which were caused by the UAC (User Access Control) features of Win Vista and 7). As a result, the download is a little bigger, and manual installation a little more complicated. For this reason, the alternative .ZIP distribution has been discontinued.

Changes in v1.3.3:

  • [MOD] New, improved (queue) timing for External MIDI.
  • [MOD] Help and font files now extracted at setup, to address UAC issues, in Vista/Windows 7.
  • [FIX] External MIDI stops working after MIDI reset.

The Professional Edition adds several features - notably surround sound, flexible output and audio bus routing, and MIDI-controlled pattern playback. For a limited period, it is exclusively and freely available to volunteers in the reViSiT Experiment, a research project in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.

A comparison table of the features available in the Standard (Free) and Pro versions can be viewed here.


Visit: nashNET



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