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News - April 2010

Exoplug releases X Wave               07th April 2010

Exoplug has announced the release of X Wave, a free symmetric wave shaper VST effect plug-in for Windows. It can be used for overdrive/distortion effects as well as bit reduction.

"Use big curves for a big sound! Creating big over driven sounds is easy with X Wave. Why use an over drive or distortion plugin with a set transfer curve? With X Wave you can make your own very easily and tweak it to the exact sound you want!. Like bit crushers/ bit reducers? with X Wave this is also easy. For this we have the “Stairs” slope which looks exactly like, well, stairs. Hence the uninspired name. You can add new points and set the stairs at different levels for each slope. It’s possible to reduce part of the wave to say, 12 bits, while another part to 2 bits!"

Features include:

  • Create shapes Graphically with up to 16 points.
  • Two different "slope" types, curve and stairs. Curve is good for overdrive effects where as stairs can be used for bit reduction.
  • Up sample switch for x4 up sampling, helps to reduce any aliasing that may occur.
  • Basic inbuilt limiter. This will help to ensure your signal doesn't go above zero decibels.
  • Pre Gain knob. Increases the signal level before entering the wave shaper.
  • Advanced global preset manager. This preset manager stores the presets directly to your hard drive. So presets can be shared easily among multiple instances of the plugin. The presets show in an easy to navigate drop down menu.
  • Wet and dry knobs. Use these to mix the wave shaped signal with the original signal.


Visit: Exoplug



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