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News - March 2010

Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.12 (beta)                   18th March 2010

Sensomusic has updated Usine to v5.12. This version fixes most of the reported bugs and implements new important features. It can be considered as the first "service pack" for V5 and, because of all the changes, it is classified as a beta version.


  • You can now send several audio flow in the same Audio Bus.
  • New Analysis/Partial Tracker Module can replace the zero crossing module in the AudioToMidi Patch.
  • New perfect synchro option in the setup and globally a better synchro in the sampler.
  • The Audio volume contains a new "Mute" inlet.
  • Better resampling quality in sampler especially when the pitch is smaller than -2 octaves.
  • Various GUI details in the sequencer.
  • New "unSelect all" menu in the sequencer.
  • You can drop VST's directly in the sequencer.
  • Improvements on Button module, which now has a max/min value.
  • New internal help window.
  • The On Activation module works when the position reaches the beginning of the patch in the sequencer.

Fixed bugs:

  • Almost all cameras incompatibility issues in the Video Detect Module DX.
  • The sequencer insert patch control panel is always invisible.
  • Various VST denormalization bugs.
  • No more flicker effect in the Video Detect module.
  • Graphic Freeze issues in the sequencer.
  • The mouseMove now works in Sequenced Switches module.
  • Various bitmap chaining issues.
  • The 'find in patch' command doesn't work in the Free version.
  • The last character is truncated in osc tag 's'.
  • New Midi-Arpeggiator script.
  • Various reported bugs.

Usine Free is fully functional but limited.


Visit: Sensomusic



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