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News - February 2010

Sensomusic releases Usine v5.01              20th February 2010

Sensomusic has announced that after months of development Usine V5 is now available (the latest version is actually v5.01). Usine V5 contains more than 300 improvements and modifications, not least a new engine that is more powerful and lighter.

New Feature highlights include:

  • Gesture and Multi-touch Implementation: All design modules can receive Multi-Touch and Gesture information that you can use directly in all the patches to create very ergonomic systems.
  • Video Tracker Module: Enables audio interaction with a camera. Motion detection, dark zones and light zones.
  • Intelligent Auto Wiring: Fast auto wiring system to build patches faster than ever. For that just Drag&Drop a Module or a VST plug-in directly on the wire to insert it in the process chain.
  • New Grid concept: The new Grid mode mixes row/cell presentation and interface builder mode.
  • Surround: Built-in 16 channel surround mixer and aux buses. If it's not enough, all audio modules can handle up to 64 channels. Direct surround recording in the Sampler.
  • VST layouts: Total integration of VST plug-ins in personal interfaces. VST plug-in forms can now be located in controls panels or in interfaces.
  • Patch window: The Patching area is now a stand alone window to improve patching in dual screens systems.
  • New layouts: Serious improvements of interface building. All controls are now resizable and with new layout possibilities.

Usine is a universal audio software application designed for live or studio utilization.

A free version of Usine v5.01 is also available. Usine free is fully functional but limited:

  • 1 stereo input/output (16 in the pro version).
  • 2 MIDI inputs/outputs (unlimited in the pro version).
  • 4 tracks (32 in the pro version).
  • No audio monitoring.
  • No master section insert.
  • No sequencer.
  • No conductor.
  • No surround.
  • Editing sub-patches is impossible.


Visit: Sensomusic



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