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News - May 2010

Ichiro Toda updates Synth1 to v1.12                     24th May 2010

Ichiro Toda has updated Synth1 to v1.12.


  • External bank (ZIP file):
    • Now able to read ZIP file of compressed .sy1 files.
    • Now able to select it from the patch selection window of Synth1 only by putting the zip file on the external bank folder (default is "zipbank").
    • Two or more folders can be included in one zip file with the hierarchy.
    • It is not possible to write it in an external bank. It is only for reading.
  • The preservation place of the set up information was changed from the Windows registry to the ini file:
    • The event that the set up information was not preserved on 64-bit OS or it was not possible to refer occurred.
    • Therefore, when the setting of existing Synth1 is succeeded, it is necessary to execute set succession tool (reg2ini.exe).
    • The ini file is "APPDATA\Daichi\Synth\synth1.ini" .
  • GUI:
    • The method of selecting the bank in the patch selection window corresponding an external bank was changed to the tree view form.
    • Memo (readme.txt) of each bank folder was confirmed and it preserved it in the patch selection window.
    • It was able to be set whether to use a transparent window on the patch selection screen etc. by an optional dialog.
  • Sound Engine: High-pass/Low-pass filter was added to Delay's feedback loop.
  • BugFix: Problem that slider was displayed in LCD parts at setting that doesn't use slider window.

Synth1 is a free software synthesizer. Functionally it is modelled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2 Red Synth.



Visit: Ichiro Toda



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