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News - January 2010

LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.250              08th January 2010

LiquidSonics has updated Reverberate to v1.250.


  • All: Added function to down-sample the plug-in when running above 48 kHz to reduce CPU consumption in hosts running at high sample rates.
  • All: Sample rate independence mode added so that moving between sample rates in hosts does not change the IR gain and filtering characteristics of Reverberate. When this mode is set (as is now the default) IR gain is independent of the host sample rate, and the filters are limited to a maximum frequency of 22 kHz rather than being set as the Nyquist of the sample rate. A compatibility mode is available (see 'Settings', 'Sample Rate Dependence', 'Host Rate Dependent') for users with presets or songs used with sample rates other than 44.1 kHz that may now change when running in the default 'Host Rate Independent' mode.
  • All: The core convolver now more evenly distributes CPU load where projects have multiple instances of Reverberate loaded concurrently. This is especially noticeable in high sample rate projects with multiple instances of Reverberate loaded.
  • All: VU meters now only show as red when the audio is above 0dBFS.
  • PC: Support for Aiff files in .aiff format extensions (as opposed to just *.aif) in IR open dialog box.
  • OS X: IR navigation buttons now correctly function with aiff files.

Reverberate is an efficient convolution audio processor with modulation capabilities offering true zero-latency operation for two separate, stereo impulse responses.

Also available is Reverberate LE. It is available in a standard CPU edition and a version taking advantage of NVIDIA CUDA for the main convolution processing tasks reducing CPU usage where a G80** and above compatible card is found in the system.

Reverberate LE is free but if you find it useful LiquidSonics would appreciate it if you could make a donation to its charity of choice - Cancer Research UK.


Visit: LiquidSonics



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