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News - January 2010

Radio Tuna - Free online radio                 28th January 2010

Choose from thousands of radio stations online right now, playing the best music from every genre.

"RadioTuna is the first real-time search engine for online radio, giving up-to-the-minute results relating to the music being played across the globe right now. If you search for an artist that happens to be playing right now, we’ll tell you and you can connect straight to that station. If your choice isn’t playing right now, we’ll tell you which stations are most likely to play them next.

Our data illustrates the incredible range of music available on internet radio to a degree that has never been seen before, and it enables a whole new level of search accuracy. As you might have noticed, we profile stations by the music they actually play, not by the genres that they might use themselves. We’ve found that it’s the only way to get consistently good results – if you search for stations playing ‘funk’, that’s what you’ll find (not stations that say they play funk but actually play soul, or those that play similar genres like ‘funky metal’). The Tuna’s uniquely nifty brain works out the ‘genre profile’ for each station, allowing you to know what to expect before tuning in. You spend less time trying out stations that you won’t like, and more time enjoying the ones that you will.

We are totally focussed on providing a great service to our users, but also to the stations that broadcast all the great music, lots of which has kept us going for the past year. We’ve worked hard to produce a simple yet powerful search and navigation interface, and we’ll be busily working on the site to make it even better in future. If you have any suggestions for how we could improve, we would love to hear from you."


Visit: RadioTuna



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