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News - January 2010

Mokafix Audio updates Metal Clone and NoAmp  to v1.1        04th January 2010

Mokafix Audio has released version 1.1 of Metal Clone and NoAmp, a freeware effect plug-ins for Windows.

Metal Clone is an emulation of one of the most popular distortion pedal. It is definitely oriented towards rough, sharp metal tones.

New in version 1.1

- added an envelope to avoid clicks on loading and on on/off switching.

Features list :

  • Faithfull emulation of the original FX stages

  • Parametric EQ

  • mono / stereo modes

  • Midi learn on every parameter


    NoAmp! is based on a famous stomp box that made life easier for many guitar players and gained much popularity for its sound quality, versatility and ease of use.

    With its simple layout, this effect will provide you with three classic amp tones, three modification and three cab simulations.

    This let you play with 27 different configurations.

    A set of controls will also let you drive the input, adjust tone and set the volume before final amp stage.

    Thid effect chains a preamp stage, an extra gain stage ("high gain" and "hot mods"), a tone change stage ("cabs"), an EQ stage and an output amp stage.

    The settings have been set to sound as close as possible to the original, and adjusted in order to let you easily drive the first gain stage with "drive" knob or drive the last stage with "volume" knob. This gives it a great ftone flexibility and various saturation flavours.

    New in version 1.1

    - added oversampling. Oversampling can be set to x2, x3, x4.

    Features list :

  • 3 amp sims

  • 3 "mods"

  • 3 cab sims

  • mono / stereo modes

  • Midi learn on every paramter

    Metal Clone and NoAmp are freeware.


    Visit: Mokafix



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