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News - February 2010

ifoundasound updates LiveProfessor Beta to v1.2           24th February 2010

ifoundasound has updated the beta version of LiveProfessor to v1.2.

Highlights include:

  • MIDI clock.
  • MIDI transpose and Key zones (Note that these only work on hardware inputs at the moment).
  • MIDI filter.
  • Update all snapshots in selected cues function when right clicking on a cue.
  • New Horizontal tool bar on each plug-in (click the arrow with the dots).
  • Stack mode. Stacks all windows on top of each other and makes them "stick" (Click the new button in the navigator to turn it on/off).

All changes in Beta 1.2:

  • Fix: Replaced Start/Stop button in ASIO panel with a "Reset" button, to reset the ASIO device.
  • Fix: Plugins in subfolders of subfolders didn't show up right in the plug-in list.
  • Fix: Error on load and on open. "A device Id has been used that is out of range for your system." now fixed.
  • Fix: MIDI maps not loaded.
  • Fix: Switching Controller layers in MIDI map did not update the controller map view.
  • Fix: Space bar did not work when renaming units and space was assigned to a short cut.
  • Fix: Cancel add workspace created it anyway.
  • Feature: Key zones – A plug-in can be set to only work inside a key zone.
  • Feature: Plugins and Controller map can now listen to all MIDI inputs at once.
  • Feature: Filter MIDI messages. You can now create a list of MIDI messages that's not sent to the plug-in.
  • Feature: New horizontal tool bar on each plug-in for quick access to gain, snapshots, MIDI, etc.
  • What controls should be visible here is up for discussion.
  • Feature: MIDI clock. LiveProfessor can now sync tempo and transport to incoming MIDI clock.
  • Feature: Update all snapshots added to the popup window in the cue list. Updates all the snapshots in the selected cues.
  • Feature: MIDI transpose on each plug-in.
  • Feature: Warning on delete selected cues.
  • Feature: Transport controls now available in MIDI control map.
  • Feature: New stack mode, stacks all the windows on top of each other.

LiveProfessor is designed to be a effect rack of VST plug-ins - specifically with live sound in mind. The concept is very simple: using an ASIO audio card you can route inputs and outputs through your VST plug-ins. The program supports snapshots, MIDI and both VST effects and VST instruments.

LiveProfessor is free.


Visit: ifoundasound



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