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News - April 2010

Variety Of Sound updates FerricTDS to v1.5            02nd April 2010

Variety Of Sound has released version 1.5 of FerricTDS, a free tape dynamics simulation effect plug-in for Windows.

"After 3 month of bugfixing, improving and testing, version 1.5 of the award-winning tape dynamics simulator is finally available as of today. It features numerous fixes and additions and if you did not tried it yet don’t miss it now!"

Release notes, v1.5.0:

  • operates with zero latency processing now
  • latency is correctly reported to host now
  • 100% flat frequency and phase response, allows external dry/wet mixing
  • tape mode switch added with classic and modern sound option
  • reworked limiter offers true and accurate brickwall limiting now (in 100% position)
  • visual limiting indicator added
  • ~50% cpu savings (depending on actual board+cpu type)
  • vast stability improvements in Cubase hosts
  • audio crackles while loading and on/off operation removed
  • input level adjustment option added
  • TRIM knob range extended to -6/+6 dB
  • internal gain staging is slightly adjusted
  • new plug-in ID used
  • small graphic alignments and retouch
  • version number added in credits pop up screen
  • parameter list sorted (as appearing in host)
  • presets adjusted
  • extended manual

This version is not a backwards compatible and therefore provides a different plug-in ID.

The FerricTDS 1.5 audio plug-in is a Win32 only release and requires a SSE2 (or higher) compatible system. It is tested and known to work in many VST compatible hosts.


Visit: Variety Of Sound



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