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News - April 2010

Looking for Additional Exposure for your Music?                 14th April 2010

Boost Independent Music is an online music store selling downloads of independent and unsigned artists/bands to people interested in expanding their interest in music beyond the commercial mainstream. All of Boosts downloads are MP3s, a digital format compatible with all music devices, including IPODs.

Boost is dedicated to bringing to its audience music from around the world, across all genres to all demographics something fresh and original. In addition we are committed to providing a quality platform for both established and emerging artists to get their music out there and be heard. Artists/bands create their own profile page where they can upload new music immediately and monitor their music sales easily. This commitment extends to sharing equally all profit from music sold in a 50/50 split with the artists/bands, giving them a chance to make some money from their work. All of our music is sold at the same low price of 69c per track.

Boost has developed a user friendly site where independent music lovers can browse, listen and download quickly the music they like all for lower than commercial prices. Our specialised browse functions means you can see quickly and easily see whats happening in your home town, or over the other side of the world, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can search by a range of categories including track, band, hometown and most popular download.

People who come to the Boost site can feel good about the fact that they are supporting the independent community, and maybe helping to uncover the next big thing! In this digital age recording artists no longer need to be signed up to a major record label to ensure their success Boost can make it happen for them by giving musicians the critical exposure they need.

Boost will be adding a range of other user functions to the site over the coming months, including regular free music samples. If you have any suggestions on what features you would like to see on the site, please drop us a line.

Sign up for your FREE Boost Account today.


Visit: boostindependentmusic.com



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