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News - January 2010

Blue Cat Audio Free Pack Updated                30th January 2010

Blue Cat Audio has announced that its Freeware Pack has been updated to support RTAS & 64-bit:

"We are happy to announce the release of a new version of our  free audio plugins bundle. This update includes official RTAS plugin format support for Pro Tools users. It also brings out of beta 64-bit support for DirectX and VST versions under Windows x64. We have also added 64-bit Audio Units support under Snow Leopard (for 64-bit Logic 9.1 users).

Many thanks to all beta testers who helped us improve the plugins! As a side note, the legacy Digital Peak Meter plugin is still available separately but has been removed from the bundle installer to streamline upgrades."

The free bundle includes a wide range of modulation effects, and EQ and analysis tools.

What's new:

  • RTAS plug-in format support for Pro Tools (Mac and Windows)
  • 64-bit applications support for Windows DX and VST under Windows x64
  • Mac AU 64-bit format support (compatible with 64-bit Logic 9.1 on Snow Leopard)
  • Mac: fixed user interface crashes in some hosts under Snow Leopard
  • Fixed MIDI learn issues


Visit: bluecataudio.com



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