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News - April 2009

Music Search Engine with a Playlist Support          13th April 2009

Vattoz is simple music search engine with a playlist support. It searches for songs based on artist name or the song name and displays the results in a clean interface where you have two options - play the song or add to playlist.

The playlist is a box which could be dragged and dropped anywhere on the web page and maintains the list of your favorite songs and plays them. The site uses cookies to remember your playlist. You can also share your playlist with friends.

What really attracted me towards this site is its simplicity and the fact that you can search for almost any song on earth irrespective of the language or genre. I am not sure what’s the source of its search results and you may find some of them inaccurate. But since it usually displays at least 5-6 results for a particular query, one of the results is an accurate one.

Overall, a really cool tool for music lovers which provides a quick way to listen to your favorite song anywhere in the world.


Visit: www.vattoz.com  (no longer available)



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