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News - May 2009

MusE - Linux Music Editor v1.0 RC2 now available               07th May 2009

Release Candidate 2 of MusE - Free Linux Music Editor v1.0 is now available for download from SourceForge.

MusE is a multitrack virtual studio for Linux that has support for sequencing of both MIDI and audio and has, among other things, support for LADSPA, Jack and ALSA.

Some Highlights

  • Advanced jack audio routing possibilities.
  • Automation architecture for both MIDI and audio.
  • Better MIDI controller abstraction: available MIDI controller can be defined in instrument definition file (*.idf).
  • Integrated mixer with:
    • Unlimited number of inputs.
    • Unlimited number of outputs.
    • Unlimited number of tracks.
    • Unlimited number of aux's.
    • LADSPA effects on all track types, both before and after fader.
    • Stereo/Mono track types.
  • interface changes, the TrackInfo pane is used more.
  • MIDI instrument definition files (*.idf).
  • Lots of customization options.
  • Shortcut editor.
  • Drag and drop import of MIDI files.
  • Drag and drop import of wave files.
  • Standard MIDIfile (smf) import-/export.
  • RTC (Real time clock) use for rock solid timing.
  • Advanced arranger with track and part abstractions.
  • MIDI editors:
    • Pianoroll.
    • Drum editor.
    • List editors.
    • Controller editors.
  • Realtime editing of "everything".
  • Unlimited number of open editors.
  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • Realtime and step-recording.
  • Multiple MIDI devices.
  • Unlimited number of tracks, both MIDI and audio.
  • Audio playback/recording.
  • Sync to external and internal devices/applications:
    • MTC/MMC.
    • MIDI Clock.
    • Master/Slave.
    • Jack transport enabled.
  • LADSPA effects.
  • Integrated softsynth architecture M.E.S.S
    • Several internal synths available.
    • Simple architecture for adding more synths.
    • support for industry standard Windows VSTi softsynths.
  • JACK enabled.
  • ALSA sequencer client.
  • LASH enabled (formerly LADCCA).
  • Raw MIDI device usage through ALSA.
  • XML based project files.
  • XML based configuration files.
  • project file contains complete app state (session data).
  • Application spanning Cut/Paste Drag/Drop.
  • uses C++, QT3.2 GUI Library, STL.

And the most important feature for a free application:

  • GPL Licensed.


Visit: MusE



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