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News - April 2009

Fretted Synth updates SoftDrum and re-releases Free Amp 2 (+updates it to 2.5)   27th April 2009

Fretted Synth has updated SoftDrum and re-released Free Amp 2 (and updated it to v2.5). Both are free and are available for Windows as a VST instrument and effect respectively.

After receiving several email requests for Free Amp 2, Fretted Synth revisited FA2 and found it to be a quite different sounding amp from the latest version of Free Amp 3. Much more color in its tone compared to Free Amp 3 but very useful. So Fretted Synth updated the plug-in and re-released it.

SoftDrum LTD is designed as a simple to use drum plug-in. The new version includes a fix so it will trigger from Alesis pad to MIDI controllers.



  • Loads standard wave (.wav) files in both mono and stereo format up to 32-bit at any sample rate.

  • All sample are loaded into RAM which helps to make SoftDrum very fast and CPU friendly.

  • Up to four samples to be loaded in each slot with user selectable velocity switch points.

  • Six stereo outputs are provided for separate send channels.

  • Contains two groups for accurate emulation of hi hats and many other percussion instruments where one sound needs to be canceled out by the last played pad.

  • Polyphony is set at sixteen voices per pad, meaning that the only way a voice can be cancelled out is from itself (so no more crash cutoff by a tom roll).

  • Comes in twelve and six pad versions

Download SoftDrum LTD here.


New in Free Amp v2.5:

  • Provided a much larger frequency range.
  • Added a three band parametric equalizer.
  • Added an output limiter.
  • Changed Hp, LP in the synth to a Hi\Lo shelf Eq.
  • Several small changes.

Download Free Amp v2.5 here! 3.27 mb


Visit: Fretted Synth Audio (no longer exist)



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